Testimonials / Recommendations

On Presentations

  • “I thought I would just send a quick email to say how refreshing I found you talk yesterday and it must have taken plenty of courage to do it. I think what you said resonated with many in the audience and certainly made me think about my balances in my life.” NH
  • “I would just like to say that I found your input really useful and to me a lot of what you said made sense and is what I look for in a leader and also in colleagues.” KP
  • “I wanted to say that I really enjoyed your presentation and felt that I could relate to what you were saying. Last year I was exceptionally unhappy at work, so much so that I was sending my CV off left-right-and-centre to get out of the Police. Fortunately I couldn’t find a part-time job that paid as well as Surrey Police so decided to remain and make the best of it. I decided to look at what was good about my role rather than the negatives, as a result I can honestly say that I now really enjoy my job. I also wanted to say that I thought it was really brave to share such personal stories that you’ve been through, thank you.” ND
  • “Mark is an excellent speaker. He is very knowledgeable and I would thoroughly endorse him for any motivational speaking occasion.” Captain NM

On Coaching

  • “I really feel that I am more comfortable with myself, my future aspirations and getting a better idea of what is important to me going forward. I have been able to make better decisions at work and with my team and have been able to be professionally more impactful thanks to the learning made during our sessions together.  I feel calmer, more in control and better able to compartmentalise – thank you – it is exciting and liberating!”
  • “Mark is an excellent professional coach. Great insight, calm and sensitive nature, empowering. I highly recommend him. When life seems too busy to focus on what you are doing or where you are going, time with Mark is time well spent.” JW

On the Mindfulness for Policing eBook

  • “Ive just read your e-book last night.  I have to say it’s brilliant, and amazing how much I can relate to” LA
  • “I was forwarded me a copy of your mindfulness e book and having just read it I just wanted to take a couple of minutes out to say how good I think it is! The book is really interesting and informative and your passion for mindfulness both for yourself and to help others really shines through. Thank you for sharing your own personal experiences in your journey and for spreading the good word, I feel sure that you will have inspired many!” SL
  • “I’ll keep my critique short and sweet: your book is excellent. It is poignant, compelling and convincing. Been thinking about trying Mindfulness for a while but it’s always felt a bit abstract until reading your book. Good stuff.” JH