Leadership is a relatively simple art to practice, starting with our abilities to lead ourselves, and then lead others in any given circumstance.

Cutting through the noise that surrounds leadership development, EAS strips leadership back to it’s core, guiding leaders and aspiring leaders to build their own foundations on which they can thrive. Importantly, it allows leaders to be leaders, to inspire those around them so that individuals and organisations flourish.

Philosophy is defined as “A theory or attitude that’s acts as a guiding principle for behaviour.” Building our own philosophy of leadership, and who we are as people, is the foundation block on which this is possible. Nearly all current leadership and management techniques can trace their roots back to philosophies practiced for thousands of years, the same roots incidentally, that modern wellbeing therapies such as Cognitive Based Therapy share.

These philosophies have benefitted leadership for centuries, and are being used more and more in modern leadership. From sports teams and managers, politicians and leaders of industry, the traditional philosophies are growing in their influence.

Stoicism in particular is gaining more and more influence…here’s the view of Professor Garry Bannister “It is undoubtedly people with such a mindset as the Stoics, who will become the best captains of industry, the most honest politicians, the wisest and the wealthiest in this material world…”

EAS offers a 100% money back guarantee* if any development does not prove valuable to you, and your organisation.

*Does not include Individual development / coaching, which is returned on a pro-rata basis.