My Why

For almost 30 years, I served as a police officer. For most of my career, I had the privilege of leading murder, kidnap and other serious crime investigations as a senior detective. I have met some amazing people, both inside policing and those who have needed us.

I am fortunate, I have a wonderful family, my wife and four children make me incredibly proud. I lived through an illness that almost meant I wasn’t here to see them…as I say I have been fortunate.

I retired from the police service just three days after I turned 49, two fifths of my working life yet to come. I have an incredibly selfish need, and that is to be able to add value to others, particularly those who are soon to enter the workplace, or those who have done so and are progressing with their leadership or managerial development.

This is why EAS Leadership Limited has been created, to enable me to give value to others whilst combining my two obsessions, leadership and the application of philosophy to help us live a good life.

For me, there is a great deal to learn from Stoicism, an Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy I stumbled across a few years ago, a philosophy that encourages us to be the best people we can. It isn’t the emotionless, stiff upper lip attitude I thought it was. Instead it offers us as leaders one of the best frameworks for how we lead ourselves, and how we lead others. You can read more about it on the EAS Stoicism page. In a practical sense, it is a simple philosophy, but requires hard and continual work.

Leadership is entering a period of revolution, something I want very much to be a part of. What we need now is very different from what we once wanted from our leaders, yet the answers can be found in the past, developing our own philosophy for leading ourselves and leading others is crucial in todays changing workplace.

With our workplace becoming less and less structured, always being connected, and never being able to turn off completely, Stoicism offers the chance to formulate our leadership philosophy, so that we develop as leaders no matter where we are in an organisation, and being able to help with this….well, that’s my why.